Develop, manufacture and commercialize solutions in parts and components for machinery and equipment, exceeding the expectations of our customers;


To grow in an innovative and sustainable way, continually seeking operational excellence, being the best option of purchases for customers where employees are proud to work;


CUSTOMERS: “Reason for the existence of our business”;
COLLABORATORS: “Our greatest asset”;
COMMITMENT: “In achieving the planned results”;
ETHICAL CONDUCT: “To ensure personal and company image”;
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: “Environmentally correct, socially fair and economically viable growth”;
INNOVATION: “Generating value in the present and in the future”;
QUALITY: “In everything that is done”;
RESPECT: “Promotion of open and honest interpersonal relationships within and outside the company”.


The Board of UNIMIL is committed to the effectiveness of the SGI, engaging, directing, and supporting people for the development of actions in order to seek continuous improvement of the system, achieving the identified objectives and ensuring the effectiveness of the system of Management. To do so, they establish priorities:

  • Customer focus, requirements and satisfaction;
  • Ensure the fulfillment of integrated policy and objectives;
  • Ensure the integration and integrity of the IMS in the business processes of the Organization;
  • Promote process and risk mentality approach;
  • Internal communication of those involved in the processes;
  • The definition of authorities and responsibilities;
  • Resource availability;
  • The periodic critical analysis of the SGI.


  • Provide quality products, aiming to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, complying with the legal requirements applicable with social and environmental responsibility;
  • Develop our suppliers as partners, in pursuit of quality and continuous improvement;
  • Provide means for continuous improvement of all employees, developing trainings and working in the prevention of occupational accidents;
  • Undertake to meet the requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system.